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All-Inclusive Popping Kits

Popcorn Packets | Popcorn for Popcorn Machines

No matter which way you choose to use your Whirley Pop, things arenít going to get too tricky. That said, our pre-measured popcorn packets take an already-easy-to-use popper and make it even simpler! They also help ensure you always have all the necessary ingredients on hand. Thereís nothing worse than having full containers of oil and seasoning at the ready only to realize you donít have the actual popcorn for popcorn machines that you need! OK, maybe there are a few worse things, but still Ė running out of Whirley Pop Kettle Corn is no laughing matter.

Our popcorn packets contain the perfect amount of premium popping oil, gourmet popcorn and seasonings. With a simple snip and tip, youíre well on your way to popcorn paradise! Just cut the top of the popcorn packets, pour the contents inside your Whirley Pop, and get ready to watch your stove become a hero.

Our popcorn packets are available in several popular varieties, including: Whirley Pop Kettle Corn, Real Theater Popcorn Kit, and a Less Salt & Less Oil mix. Our Real Theater Popcorn Kit is ideal for those who crave the taste of movie theater popcorn, but want a lower-cost, at-home alternative that just might be healthier and yummier. Love the fusion of salty and sweet? Whirley Pop Kettle Corn (sugar glaze) is your delicious answer. And for anyone who wants to cut back on salt and oil, our third option proves that lighter can be lovely!

**Ingredient Note: Our Popcorn Kits do not contain trans fats or MSG and are Gluten-free!**Certified Kosher**

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